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Known within the OSINT Community  as C3n7ral051nt4g3ncy (Central OSINT Agency) & AKA OSINT Tactical 

  • Over 12 years operational experience in the OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) industry as an OSINT Analyst on high-profile/sensitive tasks

  • Respected Member of the OSINTCOM (OSINT Community)

  • Featured on Wired for his work on facial recognition during the start of the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

  • Highly passionate about OSINT, with regular volunteer work & contributions made to help the OSINT Community

  • OSINT and Cyber CTF (Capture The Flag) events Competitor

  • Enjoys learning to code with Python, making and discovering new Python OSINT tools

  • Creator of various OSINT Projects that can be seen here

  • Creator of MASTO OSINT Tool (Python script to gather intelligence on Mastodon users and instances)

  • One of the top contributors to the project WhatsMyName, which is ranked as one of the most powerful username enumeration/search tools.

  • The OSINTion Black Badge

  • Trace Labs OSINT Silver Badge (x 2)

  • Participation in the 2022 DefCon Trace Labs OSINT CTF, Las Vegas, USA.

  • Featured in Sector035's Week in OSINT 2022-35

CTF (Capture The Flag) Highlights:

  • 🥇1st place in the OSINT GAMES CTF TENET: created by @WebBreacher

  • 🥇1st place in the Hacktoria OSINT CTF | Downtown Murderer 2022

  • 🥇1st place in the CTF OSINT Bleuet de France 2022 [AEGE War School and ONACVG/Bleuet de France , French Ministry of Defense]

  • 🥈2nd place in the Trace Labs OSINT Search Party CTF 2022.11 | OSE (Operation Safe Escape)

  • 🥈2nd place in the Trace Labs OSINT Search Party CTF 2022.03 Silver Badge

  • 🥈2nd Place CTF OP Galaxios 2022 | Ⓗ Hacktoria Community Member

  • 🥉3rd Place MilOsint CTF

  • 🥉3rd Place in the Stranger Case OSINT CTF organised by Esna Bretagne and Esn'Hack ./CTF partnership with DGA (French Government Defense procurement and technology agency), Airbus Cybersecurity, Diateam.

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