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OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) | SOCMINT (Social Media Intelligence) courses:

  • OSINT  | SOCMINT (C-OSINT-A1): This is a 4-day open source intelligence & social media intelligence training course (physical presence required). The C-OSINT-A1 (Certified OSINT Analyst Level 1)  training course is adapted for both beginners and experienced OSINT Analysts.

  •  OSINT | SOCMINT (C-OSINT-A2): This is a 5-day open source intelligence & social media intelligence training course (physical presence required). The C-OSINT-A2 (Certified OSINT Analyst Level 2) training course is tailor-made for experienced OSINT Analysts and is an advanced level.

*Online Training Courses and Modules coming soon! 

Certified OSINT Analyst Level 1  (C-OSINT-A1)
Certified OSINT Analyst Level 2 (C-OSINT-A2)

Should you attend our OSINT Training courses?

If you are wondering whether you should attend one of our OSINT Training courses, we can't decide for you.

What we can tell you however, is that our instructor has real world operational experience in the OSINT industry working on real & sensitive cases, combined with a passion for OSINT, regular volunteer work and contributions to the OSINT/Cyber community and  OSINT tools such as WhatsMyName, the creation of python tools such as MASTO OSINT Tool, and titles in various OSINT CTF (Capture The Flag) events.

Our courses are for you if are looking to up your game and reach a higher level of knowledge/technical skills in OSINT (Open-source Intelligence), and the training will suit you perfectly if you are a:

  • Member of the Cyber Community (Ethical Hacker, DFIR, Pentester, Blue Team, Red Team, Cybersecurity beginner etc..)

  • OSINT Analyst

  • Intelligence Analyst

  • Member of the Intelligence Community

  • Military

  • Law Enforcement

  • United Nations, NATO, Interpol, Europol or any other large organization

  • Private Detective

  • EP Agent (CPO)

  • Security Manager

  • Corporate Sector Analyst

  • Fraud Prevention (Anti-Fraud) in the insurance or Banking sectors (anti money laundering)

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