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Open Source Intelligence Foundations

  • OSINT Foundations and the OSINT Cycle (Intelligence process)

  • Understanding Surface, Deep, and Dark Web

  • Using the internet as an investigative tool

  • Setting up your machine/OSINT Platform

  • How to remain anonymous during OSINT investigations

  • OSINT Investigations capture tools (Hunchly)

  • Use of VPNs 

  • Search Engines

  • Web Browsers and Add-ons

  • Working in foreign languages 

  • Data Analysis, Mind Maps

  • How to use XMind and Obsidian 

  • Advanced Search Techniques and Tactics, Google Dorks (Dorking Techniques)

  • Keyword search and setting up keyword monitoring and alerts


Open Source Intelligence Advanced

  • People Investigations (People Search)

  • People Search Engines 

  • Facial Recognition and Emotions Analysis

  • Phone Number investigation tools

  • Email address investigation tools

  • IMINT (Imagery Intelligence)

  • Image/Photo Analysis: Reverse Image Search, EXIF tools, Metadata, Forensics, Detecting Fake images (Gan Generated), Steganography

  • Metadata Analysis (Images, Files)

  • Video Analysis tools

  • Deep Fake video creation and Detection Techniques

  • GEOINT: Understanding the basics

  • Use of the sun and shadows to calculate date and time a photo was taken

  • Web Domain Intelligence (Whois, DNS, Whois History, Monitoring Changes)

  • IP address intelligence, Geolocating the target 

  • OSINT Businesses Investigations (investigating companies, Offshore companies)

  • Finding Intelligence through Breached Data (Breached emails, passwords, phone numbers etc..)

  • OSINT Semi-Automation (Use of Javascript Bookmarklets to speed up the search process)

  • Property search

  • Web Archives (Finding Data on websites and pages that no longer exist)

  • Cached Data

  • Offensive OSINT Methods (setting traps and lures for the target, Email & IP Tracking)

  • Communicating Safely with Encryption (Email Encryption and Messaging Apps)

  • Cryptocurrency Investigations (basics)

  • Monitoring Areas and Events (Geofencing) 

  • Tracking Ships (Maritime OSINT) and Aircrafts (Aviation OSINT)

  • Cars OSINT (Investigation on Cars)

  • Searching World Webcams and Breached CCTV (Security Cameras)


  • Cell Towers search

  • OCR: Optical Character Recognition 

  • Telegram and WhatsApp Investigations

  • Understanding API's

  • Tor and Dark Web (basics)


Social Media Intelligence

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, VK, Instagram, TikTok, Discord, YouTube, Xing, Reddit, GitHub (Coding), Twitch, Snapchat, Skype(Communications)

  • Username Search Tools

  • SockPuppet (Fake Persona) creation tips and skills

  • Searching Areas/Locations

  • Find users or posts in specifics locations

  • Find location of a user profile

  • Finding all user information (location, job, interests, hobbies, school, university etc...); contacts, friends, family

  • Geotagging 

  • Geolocating

  • Scraping Social Media profiles: full information and Bio, files, photos, videos, contacts.

*On the 4th day, trainees will compete in a final CTF (Capture the Flag), and the winner will get 1 free spot for the C-OSINT-A2 course.

Feel free to purchase the C-OSINT-A1 course online securely by PayPal and go to the Dates page to see when the next courses will take place.

The price of the C-OSINT-A1 is: 899,00€ Excl. VAT

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